The storyboard can be accessed by pressing the button "user_red.png Storyboard" in vecci (located at the lower right - in the animation section).

With the storyboard you can generate vectrex source code and binary that displays a set of animations.

Each such animation can be placed, sized, moved, removed and illuminated in user defined sequences.

With some "energy" one might tell "stories" consisting of different animation (sequences).

The storyboard

In general
each storyboard consists of so called "lanes". Each lane will be played back in parallel to all other lanes. You can add as many lanes as you like.

Each lane consists of so called sequences. The sequences in one lane are played sequentially.

Each sequence contains one animation or a pause.

So overall you can create a storyboard which consists of animations which can be played in sequence or parallel.
The complete storyboard repeats after it is finshed playing. If a single lane is finished "befor" other lanes are finished it will also start from the beginning. Thus lanes can get "out of sync" (to synchronize lanes you can add pauses).



Located somewhere in the left in the middle of the screen:

Located somewhere in the left at the bottom of the screen:

Once a lane is added, each lane has three buttons:

All sequences have a black background. A selected sequence has a dark gray backround. The selected sequences details can be edited at in the panel at the top of the screen labeled "sequence details".

Located somewhere in the middle at the top of the screen, in an area labeled "sequence detail":

Sequence details