tracki window

The time in system cycles between the two memory locations is measured and shown.

Default are suitable memory locations for a measurement of user programs, timed between each Wait_Recal - call.

How it works

The cycle count is always measured between two memory locations. The locations to enter as start and end address are usually "inverse" to the natural order of memory locations.

For example, to do a measurement between two calls of WaitRecal, you chose as start address the "exit" of WaitRecal and as an end address the entry point of WaitRecal.

That way you measure all cycles IN BETWEEN two calls of WaitRecal.

Many original games and some homebrew stuff use the BIOS WaitRecal routine in their game loop to stabilize display, so the default setting should work fairly often.

Nonetheless you will find, especially if you program yourself optimzed stuff, that you will want to measure you own routines. For that you can:

  1. enter start and end addresses

  2. you can also name these and persist them, so you can easily reuse them in a later session.

Just type in a name for your measurement in the textbox and press the save button. The new measurement setting will be added to the combobox to chose from.

You can also delete entries using the "delete" button.